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RideSmart Foundation Course


The development of RideSmart has focused on identifying the information and skills needed to understand and implement rider development in a more effective way.  The result of this work is CoachSmart, a journey of development for an equestrian coach designed to complement traditional training methods and challenge coaches to constantly strive for better.


The one-day course covers the following topics as a basic overview with practical applications:

  1.  Why CoachSmart is different to other coaching courses.
  2. The physical and mental characteristics of riding.
  3. What makes the elite rider good.
  4. Safety, Confidence and Performance – for the wider riding public.
  5. The basis RideSmart system – observation and diagnosis.
  6. On and off the horse application.

As a basis for coaching equestrians, this course provides a valuable insight into methods based on elite research and development and explains many traditional theories, leaving attendees with a fresh understanding and approach.  You will receive a certificate of attendance and are welcome to apply for the Coach Training Programme – Accredited Level.  No prior coaching experience is required.


Cost:  £90.00 per person

Date:  29th July 2016

Time:  10.00am-4.00pm

Venue:  Solihull Riding Club, Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath, Solihull B93 8QE


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