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High Performance Programme Competition


Megan King gives us the low down on her first session with Jon.


I had a really encouraging and thought provoking first lesson with Jon. He had me questioning aspects of my riding, how Blues responds to his work and how we interact with each other. He introduced me to a whole new way of structuring the way I ride and school Blues to suit where he and I are at at the moment.

This has been the start of us developing new habits and in the short period of time since meeting with Jon, I feel I have seen huge improvements in our work. I enjoyed thinking of each movement more scientifically and understanding ‘why’ we ask the way we do and being more aware of what changes in our bodies occur to make the horse respond. It has increased my appreciation of how sensitive to pelvic movement and position they can be. By improving awareness of my body I found I could execute skills more effectively and efficiently without a lengthy discussion ensuing!

My focus since the lesson has been on ‘quality’ rather than ‘quantity’ which has encouraged me to push myself harder to encourage Blues to cooperate sooner, in which I have noticed immense improvement in the way he listens to me and unite as a team. With Blues being more cooperative, I have found it much easier to also be able to work on my own position and feel more in sync with his big paces and grow in confidence to push us both further!


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